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The Medallion has been Found!
Congratulations to 
Jennifer Bacik of Buffalo.

Jennifer found the medallion in the play area at the 
Buffalo Methodist Church Park

2018 KRWC / Buffalo Days 

Medallion Hunt Clues

Clue 1:   It's Buffalo Days and the hunt is on! The 2018 KRWC Radio Buffalo Days Medallion is hidden...but where will it be found? One thing for sure, if and when you find'll be standing on public ground.

Clue 2:  The medallion hunt is on, and we'll try to make the clues very fair. This year, be sure to search in a place where on nice days, people enjoy the sun and fresh air.

Clue 3:  The medallion hunt continues, with searchers checking carefully everywhere they roam. Depending on where you live, you may find the medallion not very far from home. 

Clue 4:  On we go with the medallion another clue comes your way. Consider this as you search....if you find me, you won't be right next to water, but on the other hand, it won't really be too far away.

Clue 5: Day 5 of the medallion search...another bundle of prizes still in play. Your final clue is for me in a place where youngsters play, and others pray. (PLAY at the playground, PRAY at the church)

Remember, no digging, uprooting, or disruption of public property in any way is necessary in the search for the medallion. When you find the medallion, call KRWC Radio immediately at (763) 682-4444. You can view today's clue and previously announced clues daily after 8 AM at;

The 2018 KRWC Radio / Buffalo Days Medallion is worth over $1,000 in prizes and Gift Certificates! Good luck and keep listening for more clues here on Radio for Wright County.....AM 1360 / KRWC!