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         KRWC Broadcast Schedule

Day Date Time Visiting Team Home Team Sport Score/Winner
 Tue 1/03 7PM St Cloud Apollo Buffalo BBB 53 - 51   St Cloud Apollo
Thu 1/12 7PM Cambridge Buffalo BHKY 9 - 0    Buffalo 
Fri 1/13 7PM STMA  St Francis  WRST St Francis
Sat 1/14 4:30PM Rockford Maple Lake GBB 44-56  Maple Lake
Sat 1/14 6PM Rockford Maple Lake BBB 62 - 50 Rockford
Sat 1/14 7PM Delano Wayzata BHKY 4- 3 Delano
Tue 1/17 7PM Brainerd Buffalo BBB 67- 58  Buffalo
Fri 1/20 5:30PM Buffalo Monticello GBB 54 - 40 Buffalo
Fri 1/20 7PM Buffalo Monticello BBB 53- 68 Monticello
Sat  1/21 2:15PM L-DC Delano BHKY 8 -3 Delano
Sat  1/21 6PM L-DC Delano GHKY 9-0 Delano
Tue 1/24 7PM STMA Monticello BBB 69 - 62  STMA
Thu 1/26 7PM Watertown-Mayer ANML @ML WRST 34-33  W-M
Fri 1/27 7PM HLWW Maple Lake GBB 45-40 Maple Lake
Sat 1/28 2PM Mound/WT Delano BHKY 12- 1  Delano
Tue 1/31 7PM Orono Delano BHKY 6 - 1 Delano
Thu 2/2 6PM MS8 Champ -Team St. Francis WRST ST Francis
Fri 2/3 7PM Rogers Buffalo GBB 68 - 56 Buffalo
Tue 2/7 6PM Hopkins Annandale GBB 79-35  Hopkins
Tue 2/7 7:30PM Hopkins Annandale BBB 72- 71  Hopkins
Thu 2/9 7PM Brainerd (8AA Sect) Buffalo GHKY 5-1 Buffalo
Sat 2/11 1PM Waconia Delano BHKY 6-0 Delano
Sat 2/11 7PM STMA Buffalo BHKY 4-1 STMA
Tue 2/14 7PM STMA Buffalo GBB
Thu 2/16 7:30PM W/M, M/WT,  Delano GHKY 5 -2    W/M/MWT
Fri 2/17 7PM Monticello STMA BBB
Sat 2/18 TBD Section 6AA-Team TBD WRST
Sat 2/18 10AM Section 5AAA-Team Cooper WRST
Tue 2/21 7PM St Cloud                  STMA BHKY 5-4       STMA
Thu 2/23 7:15PM Moose Lake Area MAML BHKY 10 - 0   MAML
Fri 2/24 TBD Section 6AA- Ind TBD WRST
Fri 2/24 6PM Delano @ Parade New Prague BHKY 7-0  Delano
Fri 2/24 7:30PM Monticello Buffalo GBB 49 - 4Buffalo
Fri 2/24 TBD Section 6AA- Ind St Cloud WRST
Sat 2/25 TBD Section 6AA- Ind TBD WRST
Sat 2/25 7AM Section 5AAA- Ind STMA WRST
Sat 2/25 7PM Roseau Sect 8AA STMA BHKY
Tue 2/28  6PM Delano @ Parade BHKY
Tue 2/28 7PM Section 8AAAA Buffalo GBB
Wed 3/1 7PM Section 8AA SCSU BHKY
Thu 3/2 TBD State Tourn-Team Xcel Ctr WRST
Thu 3/2 7PM Section 2A Parade  BHKY
Thu 3/2 7PM Section 5A Elk River BHKY
Fri 3/3 TBD State Tourn- Ind Xcel Ctr WRST
Sat 3/4 TBD State Tourn- Ind Xcel Ctr WRST
Tue 3/8 TBD State Tournament BBB
Tue 3/21 TBD State Tournament BBB
Tue 3/21 TBD State Tournament BBB
Sat 3/25 TBD State Tournament TBD BBB
Sat 3/25 TBD State Tournament TBD BBB


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  • Schedule Subject to change

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